Thursday, March 29, 2012

Have you ever wondered...

Do politically correct children play Cowpersons and Native Americans?
A question most of us choose to ignore, and rightly so. Who cares. A much more pressing issue, at least to us men, is when will mini-skirts return to fashion? But this attitude objectifies women, you say. Yes; it does. Sue me.
When I was a boy, and mini-skirts were all the rage, I was much enamored of the girl next door. Since I had only recently reached the age of puberty, I would imagine her prancing around in her oh-so-short mini-skirt, and...well, I digress. Let's move on.
While we're into questions, there's something I've always been curious about. Does anyone know those other ways to skin a cat? I've heard reference to them all my life, but not a single example. Just thought I'd ask. Use the comment box, below.
Before we get into anymore critical issues, I'd like to throw in a plug for my latest book. The first chapter is below. Skip it if you want.